6 Essential Documents Your Office Needs to Scan and Shred

scanning documents

Paperwork always gets a bad rep in most offices. In reality, paperwork is one of the essential pieces to your business’ crucial data and information. With so much sensitive information stored on the documents in your office, protecting them is a high priority.

The amount of sensitive or confidential information that your business is a bit mind-boggling: Social Security numbers, credit cards, pay stubs, checks, contact information, and more.

3 Considerations for Selecting a Managed Print Provider

Print Provider

Printers of all shapes and sizes are critical to the effectiveness of the modern business. Managing a printer seems pretty straightforward, right? Think again. Companies all around the world have invested in the latest and greatest technology in hopes that it alone will streamline their workflows. What these businesses quickly find is that managing the operations of a printer to get the best cost, utilize supplies, and productively manage workflows is much more difficult than anticipated.

Utilizing Scanning for Successful Business

scanning documents

Most businesses dream of the day they can finally go paperless and streamline into the more eco-friendly and more efficient digital world. Getting rid of as many paper processes is the goal, but most businesses struggle making that a reality for their daily workflows. At EDGE Business Systems, we know how to bridge the gap between paper and digital documents with Scanning Services.

A New Fax Solution from Xerox

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If you asked any healthcare provider’s employees if they’d like to get rid of faxing patient information and records, you’d receive an emphatic yes. If everyone in healthcare is ready to move on from sending and receiving faxes, why does it remain a routine practice in so many offices?

While Electronic Health Records (EHR) have taken over the majority of healthcare offices, there has been difficulty in securely sharing these patient records. Because of this, faxing prevails as the standard method in most offices.

Is Your Business at Risk to Data Loss?

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Most modern businesses have integrated digital processes into their routine workflows. In 2018, there are very few businesses that cannot benefit in one way or another from digital technology. While this technology has made a significant impact in offices around the world, it does not come without serious risks.

With digital integration comes the risk of data loss. Devices and networks are gold mines for hackers, and every business of any industry has the potential of being targeted.

How to Make Your Digital Dreams Come True


The implementation of digital documents has enhanced modern business functions. With ease, employees can save, share, and edit documents faster than ever done before, because of digitalization and cloud networks. However, transitioning to a more-paperless company is more difficult than often expected because knowing the right devices and processes required is not common knowledge.


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