A Crash-Course in Document Scanning


What is document scanning, why is it such a big deal, and how can you get started? Today we'll be answering these questions and more in this crash-course in document scanning!

Everything You Need to Know

Document scanning has one big claim to fame: it's simple. You can take a huge stack of papers and turn them into one neat, organized, and secure folder on your computer--all with one stress-free solution. Here's everything you need to know about document scanning!

The "What"

First things first: document scanning is a solution that allows you to take physical documents and convert them into digital files. There are different levels of scanning--some as simple as taking a "picture" of your file and storing it digitally, and some as intricate as using OCR (optical character recognition) to read and index your file so that you can search, store, and share it more effectively.

The "Why"

Document scanning comes with a long list of benefits. Here's just a quick look:

  • better organization,
  • smoother communication,
  • more reliable security,
  • less wasted time,
  • less wasted paper,
  • and even less wasted money.

The "How"

Now that you know what document scanning is and why it's such a great tool, it's time to get started.

The first thing to keep in mind about document scanning is that not every file must be scanned. Some of them would be better off shredded--so before you take that first step, do a little homework and get your files organized. That way, you don't waste time scanning something you'll end up deleting anyway.

You should also come up with naming conventions and organizational patterns beforehand. Don't just leave all those nice new files sitting on your computer--put them into a neat, consistent order, so you always know where to find them.

Finally, don't forget to utilize all the digital security tools at your disposal. Digital files are much easier to protect than their paper cousins, so take advantage of this opportunity!

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