Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare

Document Demands of the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are responsible for handling a tremendous amount of information every day. This includes printing and routing patient records and other important documents. It also involves storing documents so that you can find them quickly when the need arises.

In addition to these responsibilities, federal regulations require hospitals to keep information on patients strictly confidential. Failure to do so can prove harmful to people and have severe legal consequences.

How EDGE Helps

At EDGE Business Systems, we have several resources at our disposal to help healthcare clients manage information better:

  • Our multifunction copiers enable you to print and scan documents with extreme efficiency. You can cut down on wasted supplies, time and energy.
  • Our scanners let you capture documents, convert them to various electronic formats and extract critical data easily.
  • Our Scanning Services ensure that you can route documents between locations and offices quickly.
  • Our Document Management Software enables you to store records, retrieve them whenever you need them and eliminate your reliance on physical storage.
  • Our Document Security lets you meet compliance for HIPAA and other regulations effortlessly.

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