Workflow Solutions

Workflow Solutions

Improve Productivity with Workflow Solutions

Day in and day out, your company needs to deal with a tremendous amount of information. Finding or sharing the right document when the need arises can prove difficult. At the same time, you must balance the need for easy accessibility against security and compliance concerns.

EDGE Business Systems has tools to help you find the right balance. With our Workflow Solutions, you can organize and retrieve documents quickly while meeting industry requirements for information privacy and client confidentiality.

Benefits of EDGE’s Workflow Solutions

EDGE’s Workflow Solutions give you these excellent benefits:

Unify Your Documents

You can regulate movement and duplication of your documents. Our solutions can also manage complex internal accounting and billable printing expenses. They use billing codes that connect print jobs to specific users and allocate costs by:

  • Employee
  • Department
  • Project or Client

Easy Integration

Our Workflow Solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. You can connect them with your existing applications seamlessly and adapt them as your business needs change.

Ensure Compliance

You can take advantage of approval, authentication and auditing capabilities to meet government regulations for information privacy.

Drive Business Growth

By establishing records management and retention policies, our solutions streamline your workflows. This allows you to drive and enhance your company’s productivity.

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