Document Security

Document Security

Protect Your Business with Document Security

In this age of hackers and other online threats, information security is a major concern for many businesses. However, too many businesses don’t factor the security of their printer fleets into their thinking with regard to online security.

If left unsecured, printers and multifunctional copiers can become a liability. As printing environments get more complicated because of wireless connectivity and mobile printing, the chances of your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands go up. This can negatively impact your brand and even lead to legal penalties.

EDGE Business Systems can help you protect your information and your profitability. Our Document Security solution addresses vulnerabilities in your document processes and prevents unauthorized access to your files.

Benefits of EDGE’s Document Security

With Document Security from EDGE, you get:

Complete Protection

You’ll be prepared against myriad threats to your organization. Our solution covers:

  • Secure document release
  • Keyword recognition
  • Data overwriting
  • Copier communication protection
  • Scan locking
  • HD encryption
  • Fax number screening

Comprehensive Infrastructure Assessment

Document Security focuses on four key areas of your infrastructure:

  • Assessment of current risks
  • Prevention of future breaches
  • Optimization
  • Ongoing support and reviews

Personalized Support

Our personalized, all-local support will give you the comfort and confidence you need.

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