State Government

State Government

Information Challenges of Government Agencies

Government agencies process, retrieve and produce a tremendous load of documents every workday. Organizing all of this information can take up a significant amount of manpower, money and time.

Not only that, the security of agencies’ networks and information has become a serious concern. If documents are allowed to fall into the wrong hands, it can severely undermine the public’s trust.

How EDGE Helps

EDGE’s products, services and solutions make it easy for government employees to get more work done:

  • Our production equipment give you the highest level of print quality and quantity.
  • Our Managed Print Services help you reduce the time, funds and energy you devote to printing.
  • Our Scanning Services allow you to convert paper documents to electronic files with minimal difficulty.
  • Our Document Security solution gives you ongoing, powerful safeguards against breaches and unauthorized access to information.
  • Our Document Management Software lets you save information in a secure, central repository and find documents quickly.

Other Industries

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