Document Challenges for the Education Industry

In more ways than one, education is about handling information.

Teachers need to present information to students effectively, of course. This could mean producing posters and handouts or finding ways to make lessons more engaging.

At the same time, schools must retain student records for several years in accordance with government regulations. If these documents get lost, damaged or seen by the wrong people, it can create major problems for the students and lead to legal troubles for the schools.

How EDGE Helps

EDGE Business Systems offers a wide range of offerings to help clients who work in education:

  • Our production equipment is ideal if you need to produce exceptionally high volumes of documents on a regular basis.
  • Our available copiers come with printing, scanning and faxing or emailing capabilities, which allow you to eliminate redundant hardware and save time.
  • Our digital displays and whiteboards give you the ability to present information in more appealing ways and encourage student interaction.
  • Our wide format printers let you produce banners, posters and other larger documents in-house.
  • Our Document Storage and Document Security solutions let you save documents electronically, making them both easily retrievable and more protected.

Other Industries

EDGE’s solutions and products can help clients in many other industries as well. Check out the following pages for details:

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