3 Important Updates About Data Security

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Data breaches can take an awful toll on companies of every size, sometimes evening taking them out of business entirely. A significant data breach will cost you money, customers, and your public reputation, which is why taking data security is critical to your business’ success.

Today we want to share three stories from the data security industry to keep you in-the-know of today's top manufacturers and their efforts to improve data security:

The Significance of Data Backup Plans for Small Businesses

Document Security

Many small businesses fall victim to data loss from various forms of hacks, scams, and viruses. Most of the time when a business loses data, it is not due to the severity of the cyber attack, but because of the lack of preparation from the company.

Today we want to talk about why Document Security is critical to protecting your businesses data and information. With Document Security, your business will have the proper security steps in place to secure sensitive data and information.

EDGE Business Systems Named Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine

Each year ENX Magazine puts together a list of elite dealers. We are proud to announce that we have been named an Elite Dealer in 2018!

All 130 of the 2018 Elite Dealers were chosen based upon various criteria, including growth initiatives, innovative marketing programs, outstanding customer service, charitable contributions to the community, progressive workplace cultures and adaptability to an ever-changing market.

ENX Magazine

How MPS Fulfills Printing Needs for Supply Chain Companies

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Managed Print Services (MPS) have been a longtime friend to offices and the printing tasks they perform every day. MPS has helped cut costs in scanning, printing, copying, and faxing, by offering effective solutions to streamline printing efforts. Industries concerned with logistics, manufacturing, and distribution have not historically been concerned with MPS up until the last few years.

Simple Steps Create Big Results with Document Management

document management

If your office struggles to find effective paper management processes, it might be time to consider Document Management. Document Management often takes place in the form of a software solution that helps you manage paper processes in your office. However, your company does not necessarily need to invest in a Document Management Software solution immediately to see effective results.

Xerox Continues Innovative Excellence with New Scanner

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Xerox Corporation, a leader in innovative communication solutions, has once again delivered an impressive product to streamline office workflows. The Xerox DocuMate 6710 Scanner provides parallel scanning capabilities, decreasing the amount of time it takes to digitalize a document. The DocuMate 6710 is designed to accelerate scan speeds while providing the same sense of security and protection necessary for scanning sensitive documents for industries like law and healthcare.

Need to Knows About Disaster Recovery

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The technology world is always developing, which is terrific for advancements that propel productivity for businesses, but frightening for IT teams who must keep up with new network security issues that come with new tech. Sure, your business might not be the next target to an international breaching scandal, but there is still information that your company possesses that puts yourself, and your customers at risk should it ever be stolen.

To put this conversation into perspective, let’s consider how common network security issues occur:

How Managed Print Services Can Benefit Schools

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One of the critical discs in the administrative backbone of the American school system is printing. As technology advances with every new year, many schools struggle to keep up with the best equipment and devices for effective printing processes. Managed print services (MPS) can be of assistance for schools as to effectively print and stay within allotted budgets.

What is Document Scanning?

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Modern copiers do much more than merely copying. When we talk about a copier in the business world, we are referring to a multifunction device that can fax, print, copy, and scan documents.

Let’s talk about scanning because modern scanning is so much more than scanning to print.

Scanning allows users to save storage space, reduce paper use, streamline workflows, and save documents to various servers and drives.

Here are the basics of scanning and some tips to help you get the most out of it:

Toshiba makes 14TB HDD Available for Select Supermicro Storage Servers


Toshiba has announced that the MG07ACA Series 14TB and 12TB HDD SATA models have been qualified by Super Micro Computer, Inc. with select Supermicro storage servers. The MG07ACA uses a 9-disk design that provides storage density and power-efficient capacity. Supermicro’s popular SSG platforms have been enlisted for this partnership on the MG07ACA series.


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