New Print Capabilities From Xerox


Nobody wants to buy a machine only to have it become outdated or even obsolete in a few short months. Luckily, thanks to some genuinely innovative options just announced by Xerox, that will never be a problem for owners of the iGen 5! Read on to find out the highlights of today's manufacturer industry news.

Keeping Up

Xerox has never been one to lag in technological innovations, especially when it comes to production printing. In line with this reputation, the manufacturer has just unveiled some impressive new capabilities for its iGen 5 machine: more options for both paper and ink, which means that owners of the iGen 5 can now do even more with existing technology (all without having to buy an entirely different machine).

Here are a few more highlights of the announcement!

Extra-Long Sheet (XLS)

Although the iGen 5 was never slow or inefficient, the new capabilities from Xerox--especially the 35-inc sheet size--make the machine even faster and more powerful than before. With a 25% boost in productivity and unrivaled speed, quality, and performance, the iGen 5 is sure to be a perennial favorite among consumers in all industries.

Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink

Orange, blue, and green just not cutting it? Now Xerox customers can expand their color capabilities with Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink, which glows under UV light. With this new addition, owners of the iGen 5 will never have to sacrifice efficiency for quality, as they might have had to do with other devices; the innovative ink allows for a broader range of creative print jobs. It enables consumers to achieve perfect color consistency across all formats.

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