Toshiba's New Barcode Printer Boosts Compliance


Compliance is something that every company in every industry has to face at one time or another. Luckily, with a little help from Toshiba's newest thermal barcode printer, compliance is easier--and more cost-efficient--than ever.


The fast, powerful new machine from Toshiba America Business Solutions, known as the B-EX4T3HS, is a specialized printer that can create thermal barcodes and labels. It stands out from the crowd by offering center alignment, which ensures that information is printed precisely in the middle of the label--even at small sizes. This is excellent news for companies interested in boosting compliance through simple, effective, and accurate labeling, and it's even better news for budgets everywhere (because printing thermal barcodes in-house saves time and money).

What to Know

Here are a few highlights from the new B-EX4T3HS!

  • #1: Power

The B-EX4T3HS boasts unrivaled power, precision, and function. With a print speed of up to six inches per second and a quality of 600 dots per inch, this machine can handle just about any job with complete confidence.

  • #2: Precision

When it comes to compliance, nothing is more important than precision. Toshiba's new barcode printer can work with labels less than an inch in width and length, all without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

  • #3: Application

Because of its reliability and its consistently high-quality prints, the B-EX4T3HS is a perfect fit for medical and technical industries, mainly reliant on precise information. It can also help companies in other industries improve compliance, efficiency, and accurate communication--and, even better, its user-friendly design and affordable price tag make it a money-saver under any circumstances.

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