Scanning for Schools


Scanning is a great solution for organizations of all shapes and sizes, but how does it measure up when it comes to the education system? Let's take a look at scanning for schools!

Why Scan?

Schools go through a lot of paper on a day-to-day basis. Assignments, student records, internal communication, flyers, and informational documents--soon you're up to your nose in papers! While that can be a real problem for workflows and organization, it's also a strain on budgets and bad news for the environment. So what can be done about this paper debacle?

Simple: scanning.

By scanning documents instead of storing and re-printing physical copies, schools can save time, money, space, and stress. Scanned documents offer all kinds of benefits for educational organizations, including:

  • improved security, since scanned documents can be password-protected and aren't vulnerable to theft or natural disasters like physical copies;

  • more efficiency, thanks to digital tools that help all the right people have all the right access to all the right documents;

  • better organization, allowing you to create consistent naming conventions and even search for files by date or keyword;

  • and smoother communication, since digital copies can be saved, shared, updated, or even deleted at the click of a mouse.

What Should You Scan?

Now that you know why schools should scan, it's time to find out what to scan!

Long-term documents

Records or documents that can't be deleted but also don't need to be on your desk every day can be scanned. They'll be stored differently than high-use documents, but they'll still be accessible should you need them.

High-use documents

Files that are always being used or referenced by staff, students, and even parents should be scanned too. That way, originals are never lost or destroyed, copies are always accessible, and digital versions become an alternative to constant printing.

Sensitive documents

Schools deal with a lot of personal, financial, and sensitive information. Scanning these files makes it much easier to protect and monitor them--and even control who can access them.

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