Small Business Tips for Stress-Free Document Security


Can document security ever truly be "stress-free," especially for small businesses that are at even more risk than their huge brand-name cousins? Well, it might never be a walk in the park--but with these tips specifically tailored for small businesses, document security can be a little bit easier starting today.

First, the Bad News

The unfortunate truth is that small businesses tend to get hit harder and more frequently by cybercrime. This is likely because cybercriminals assume--often rightly--that small businesses either aren't equipped to defend themselves or haven't taken the time to assess their own weaknesses. Whatever the case, unprepared companies fall victim to all kinds of scams, tricks, and traps that can seriously jeopardize their finances, documents, machines, and even clients.

That's why document security is so important. By taking steps to educate yourself and your employees and prepare for a little bit of everything, you can help keep your company off the list of cybercrime victims.

What You Can Do

Here are a few tips for stress-free document security!

  • #1: Use passwords, even on personal devices.

Passwords are a simple solution, but when used well, they can be powerful. Create strong passwords--that means no easily guessed names, addresses, or dates, and phrases instead of single words--and use them even on devices that aren't shared between multiple employees.

  • #2: Utilize eSignatures.

Getting signatures used to be a pain--but now, with electronic signatures, you can have employees and clients share, sign, and finalize documents digitally. Just like real signatures, eSignatures are official and binding--but they're a lot easier and more secure to handle.

  • #3: Create good printing habits.

Make a list of good habits for your teams to work towards. Create policies for which documents should be scanned, encourage the use of solutions like follow-me printing to keep documents off the print tray, and be vigilant about access control and user authentication.

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