Managed Print's Secret Weapons


Managed print isn't like other business solutions. It is tailored to fit you, your company, and your unique needs, right from day one. But how does managed print make the grade when it comes to effective personalization? Here's a quick look at managed print's "secret weapons!"

The Managed Print Difference

You don't want your company treated like something out of a cookie-cutter--predictable, identical, and overall dull. Every business is a unique entity, which means that every business deserves unique solutions.

Scanning like a Pro: 4 Tips for Choosing Scanners


There's a reason that scanning has become a fan-favorite among businesses of all shapes and sizes: it's simple, yet powerful. Scanning allows you to take all those stacks of paper and turn them into neat, easy-to-organize digital files that can be shared, secured, and even deleted at the click of a button.

Of course, before you can bid adieu to your file cabinets, you'll need to know what that perfect scanner looks like. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Lexmark Reaches Security Milestone


Are you looking for a manufacturer and imaging solutions leader with unrivaled security? Look no further than Lexmark, which has recently become the first manufacturer to reach a significant security milestone: achieving the ISO 20243 standard. Here's everything you need to know!

The Standard

The ISO 20243 standard helps manufacturers, supply chains, and customers stay on the same page about security and quality. It lays out rules, recommendations, and regulations for authenticity in every supply chain element, ending with a customer's purchase.


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