How to Measure the Value of Managed Print


For some businesses exploring managed services, it can be hard to justify the cost of the service overall. With Managed Print Services, for example, the initial part of the service seems to be the most important: A print assessment of your print environment, followed by optimization of that environment. However, there are long-term metrics that can help you understand the way the service impacts your bottom line over time.

Managed Print Benefits For Everyone

managed print

No matter your industry or business size, chances are you are spending a lot on document production. Many businesses spend up to 3% of revenue on print costs -- and many of those costs aren't immediately visible.

Managed Print might seem like a service that only benefits big business or companies in certain industries. However, managed print offers big benefits that can positively impact nearly any business. Let's take a look at some of the universal benefits of this valuable service.

3 Questions to Address Document Security

document security

If there's one consistent issue plaguing the majority of today's businesses, it is security, hands down. Document security is one area of security that often requires time and dedication, and it's a security concern that can be especially worrisome. After all, documents hold sensitive information, ranging from clients' personal information to business plans that your competitors would love to get their hands on.


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