Manufacturer Industry News: Document Scanning and Business Continuity

manufacturer industry news

Staying on top of manufacturer industry news is important to Edge, and we want to share current information with our customers. Today we share about the importance of document scanning for your business continuity plan. Disaster recovery is essential for any company to provide services after their systems are affected by natural disasters or system failures.

5 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Scanner

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If you’ve decided not to purchase new office equipment, leasing is a flexible option. When it comes to signing a lease agreement you’ll want to know specifics and these questions will help narrow down the details.

1. Is Ownership of the Scanner at the End of the Lease Term Important?

The answer to this question will determine your monthly price. If you want to own the scanner at the end of the lease a “$1 out” lease is the best fit. Otherwise, a fair market value lease will make sense.


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