Scanning vs. Digitizing: What's the Difference?


If you've been researching document scanning, you've probably come across the term "digitizing"--and maybe even seen them used interchangeably. Today we'll take a look at both terms to understand how they overlap, how they differ, and why it matters for your business.

The Basics: Scanning

The truth about document scanning is that it's a simple, stress-free solution. It can be as easy as opening the scanner, putting your file on the glass, and watching the machine do its magic. You'll end up with a digital copy of your document--just like taking a picture.

Despite this simplicity, scanning can be personalized to meet any needs your business has. For example, different scanners can handle different document volumes. Similarly, certain machines are equipped with technology that makes the digital file more than just an image; with optical character recognition, or OCR, your scanner can read and transcribe typed or handwritten information into data that can be edited and searched on your device.

That's the magic of scanning--but it's only the beginning.

The Basics: Digitizing

Digitizing is what you do after scanning those paper files. It's a process in which scanning is the first step, but digitization goes a lot further.

For example, a fully digitized work environment takes scanned files and organizes them based on name, keyword, or date. It creates a shared workspace for everyone who needs access to those files. It also introduces digital security protocols, like multi-factor authentication, which will protect your data from unauthorized access.

Together, scanning and digitization have a lot to offer your business, including:

  • improved security,
  • smoother communication,
  • boosted efficiency,
  • less space wasted on physical file storage,
  • simpler data backup procedures,
  • secure document destruction,
  • and more.

In conclusion, there's a big difference between scanning and digitizing--but both are necessary for a strong, streamlined office. Scanning is like your first step into the world of digitization, and together, these solutions can make a huge difference.

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