Manufacturer Industry News: How Xerox Is Going Even Greener

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These days, companies of all shapes and sizes are taking the steps necessary to go green--but Xerox is going even greener. Here's the latest news on this manufacturer and why they're your best bet for an environmentally friendly partner in printing.

Xerox Makes A Greener World

If your company is looking for ways to go green without giving up on printers, paper, or other tried-and-true solutions, what you need is a partner in environmental friendliness--and Xerox is just that type of partner. As it turns out, they're more than a manufacturer, and more than a line of impressive printers and office solutions; instead, they are a positive force in the world we all share.

Xerox doesn't just talk the talk--they walk the walk, too. Here are a few things Xerox is actually doing to make a greener world:

#1: Lowering carbon: Xerox actively works to lower the carbon footprint of its products and its own manufacturing processes, giving other companies the chance to choose environmentally friendly office equipment.

#2: Removing chemicals: By minimizing the use of hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process and working to keep pollutants out of air and waterways.

#3: Recycling: Xerox leads by example, recycling anything that can't be used in manufacturing.

#4: Improvement: Going green doesn't happen overnight. Xerox strives to constantly improve its methods and procedures as we continue to learn about the environment and how best to take care of it.


As manufacturers go, Xerox is perhaps the greenest in the industry. With a proven track-record of procedures and solutions that prioritize environmental friendliness, Xerox creates office equipment you can feel good about using. It's not just good for your company--it's good for Mother Earth, too.

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