Manufacturer Industry News: Lexmark Unveils New Cloud Services

Cell phone with Lexmark logo on it.

Lexmark is a manufacturer known for high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-security solutions, and that's partly because of their savvy utilization of the cloud. Recently, however, Lexmark has taken their Cloud Services even further, introducing new features that will boost benefits across the board.

Lexmark Cloud News

Lexmark's already-impressive line of Cloud Solutions has gotten a little bit bigger. With the addition of new tools, services, and features, Lexmark unveils a level of flexibility and productivity that is practically unrivaled in the business world.

Here's a look at just a few of the new arrivals:

  • Print management

Even the best printers need a little help from managed print services. Lexmark's built-in Cloud Print Management allows you to eliminate unnecessary steps, protect your printers, and save money quickly and easily.

  • Support across multiple brands

Have multiple makes and models in your fleet? That's no problem--Lexmark Cloud Services is now compatible with a long list of devices outside the Lexmark brand.

  • Fleet management

Streamlining, controlling, and monitoring your fleet just got easier. Lexmark Cloud Services has expanded to include Cloud Fleet Management, which gives you the power to manage your devices remotely from just about anywhere.

  • Data utilization

Identify, capture, and analyze crucial data points across your fleet with Lexmark Cloud Services. You'll be able to learn more about usage habits, supply needs, workflow function, and more.

  • Secure guest print

If your business allows customers or other guests to use the printers, Lexmark Cloud Services has just the solution for you. With secure guest print, users without a security clearance have access to "guest accounts" that provide unique, one-time print codes to keep your machines both secure and accessible.


Although Lexmark Cloud Services was already an impressive solution, it just got a whole lot better. With a list of new additions, including print management support, transparent data utilization, and even guest printing capabilities, Lexmark has changed the cloud game.

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