Manufacturer Industry News: Xerox Forms New Company, CareAR


If you're a fan of Xerox products and services, you've got something brand-new to look forward to: Xerox recently announced its formation of CareAr, a provider of a truly one-of-a-kind service experience platform. Here's everything you need to know about this exciting manufacturer industry news!

Xerox Puts the "Care" in CareAR

Xerox has long been known for services and products like office printers, but with the formation of CareAR, the manufacturer is proving it can do a whole lot more. Creation of this new company is good news for industries of all shapes and sizes--but it's even better news for business owners and their teams, who will now have even more tools at their disposal.

Here's what you need to know about CareAR:

A powerful pedigree

Xerox created CareAR as a consolidation of CareAR, Inc.; DocuShare; and XMPie. All three have combined into a single holding company under the name CareAR Holdings.

Effective leadership

The founder of CareAR, Inc., Sam Waicberg, will be acting as the president of the new company. Meanwhile, Xerox President and COO Steve Bandrowczak will serve as CareAr Chairman in addition to his current positions.

Creative solutions

With visual tools, consistent data access, and a basis in the world of augmented reality, CareAR has a lot to offer. It's also driven by predictive AI, meaning that service workflows will be more effective than ever.

Big benefits

Here are just a few things you can expect from CareAR's platform:

  • workforce management, helping experienced employees make more effective use of their time to help address the skills gap and worker shortages;
  • visual tools, which will give workers new ways to engage with and utilize their data;
  • environmental friendliness, helping companies reach sustainability goals by addressing wasteful practices;
  • and cost savings, providing tools that will identify and eliminate pricey missteps.


By creating CareAR Holdings, Xerox has made waves across multiple industries and opened new doors for workers at every level. As CareAR continues to settle into its new position, benefits are likely to expand even further--so stay tuned!

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