Is Managed Print Right For Law Firms?


No two industries are exactly alike, which means that no "cookie-cutter" solution will ever really be a good fit. That's especially true in the legal industry, where the stakes are higher than ever and unique challenges come up every day. Is managed print up to the challenge, or is it another one of those ill-fitting cookie-cutter solutions? Let's find out!

What is Managed Print?

Before you can decide whether a solution is right for your business, you have to know exactly what that solution is, what it looks like, and how it works. Luckily, you don't have to look very far to find out the truth about managed print.

There are no gimmicks, tricks, or rose-colored glasses; it is, quite simply, a solution that allows you to outsource your printing needs and challenges so that you can put your attention where it matters.

What's even better is that managed print always begins with a print audit, which is your new provider's way of getting to know your law firm inside and out--that way, no detail falls through the cracks, and every need, challenge, goal, and aspiration is addressed.

Versatile Benefits

So, is managed print right for the legal industry? Here are a few versatile benefits that insist the answer is yes!


Law firms juggle a lot of documents and data every day. To keep up with all of that information, how it's moving, and, perhaps most importantly, how it's being printed, you need complete transparency. Managed print helps law firms implement tools that report on printer usage, consumables usage, print habits, and more.


Legal workflows need to be streamlined and strong--and managed print is certainly up to the task. By cutting out unnecessary steps and helping you communicate and organize more effectively, managed print makes efficiency a breeze.


Managed print itself is affordable, but the real cost benefits come from all the ways it helps law firms save money without cutting corners. For example, by understanding the number of consumables you actually use, you'll never over-order again--which means you won't waste money on paper that gets stored too long and ends up ruined.

Want to learn more about managed print in and out of the legal industry? Contact us today!

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