Manufacturer Industry News: Xerox Steps Up the Security Game


Digital security--document, data, printer, network, you name it--is a huge element of the modern business world. It must be part of every decision the savvy businessperson makes, including the choice of new printers for a company's fleet. That's where Xerox comes in. With new "whitelisting" technology, Xerox multifunction devices are safer than ever--all without sacrificing efficiency.

The Xerox Approach

Xerox printers are among the most popular machines for the business world--and with good reason. Powerful, efficient, and intuitive; these devices get the job done without breaking a sweat.

However, one thing they're particularly famous for is their security. Xerox offers a four-part security approach that addresses these main things:

  • intrusion, helping scan for and identify "uninvited guests" who may try to attack from printer access points;

  • devices, monitoring what is trying to connect to your printer, when, and why;

  • data, keeping your documents private and secure when you print them on Xerox machinery;

  • and third-party experts, whom Xerox has partnered with to offer built-in security features on all their devices.

The Fifth Element

Although Xerox's four-part security approach has proven reliable and effective, they've taken it to the next step with a new element: "whitelisting." Recall the concept of "blacklisting," which means allowing everyone access, except specifically identified and blocked parties. You'll have a pretty good idea of what its opposite, whitelisting, actually looks like.

Rather than forcing you to identify every connection that could be potentially harmful and then manually block those connections, Xerox whitelisting technology allows you to focus on choosing devices, networks, and individuals you trust. Think of it as focusing on the good instead of the bad. After all, that's exactly what Xerox is helping you do by offering this new security feature to ease your mind.

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