Can Managed Print Save You From Hackers?


Hackers are known to target printers--and from there, they can steal your financial information, company secrets, and more. What's a small business to do? Luckily, the answer is simple: managed print services.

What You Need to Know

The truth about print security is that there's no "cure-all." It takes work, dedication, and constant vigilance to keep printers safe. Managed print does all that and more by working at the heart of your business to improve things from the inside out, helping you understand how hackers operate, what they look for, and what you can do about it. On top of that, you'll enjoy a long list of benefits like lower costs, greener solutions, and boosted efficiency--all while your printers are being protected from the digital bad-guys.

The Game Plan

Managed print helps you create a flexible, holistic "game plan" for protecting your printers--and your entire network--from hackers. Here's how it works!

#1: Start with a print audit.

First, your managed print provider will work with you to run a print audit. This will give you information about what's working, what isn't, where your strengths are, and your bad habits. You'll be able to use this information to make targeted improvements--and to notice immediately if anything looks out-of-the-ordinary.

#2: Catch mistakes.

Now it's time to focus on improvements. For example, your provider might recommend a password schedule, where you change the passwords on your printers and other devices every few months. You'll also probably implement solutions like user authentication and work on improving day-to-day habits like mobile printing.

#3: Stay flexible.

The truth is that digital criminals are always getting smarter and more creative, so you need to do the same. Managed print helps you stay up-to-date on all the latest defenses, tips, and tricks so that your print environment is as safe as it is effective, efficient, and powerful.

Ready to learn more about managed print and how it can help defend against hackers? Contact us today!