Toshiba Goes Green with PrintReleaf


Printing is a great tool and an essential part of your workflows--but if you feel like you owe the environment an apology after every print job, you're not alone. The good news is that companies like Toshiba are coming up with creative solutions to make printing feel like a step in the right direction instead of the wrong one--and it all comes down to PrintReleaf.

How Does it Work?

Instead of giving up on printers altogether, why not find a way to make printing more sustainable? This is the question that drove innovative manufacturer Toshiba to partner with PrintReleaf and makes creative, actionable solutions available to printing customers in every industry.

Here's how Toshiba and PrintReleaf are working together to offset the environmental impacts of hitting "print!"

#1: You print.

Your only job is to print as usual. (Remember, the goal here isn't to make you feel bad about how much you print; it's to make you feel better because you're part of the solution!) PrintReleaf technology, integrated with your existing print software, will measure your habits and keep track of usage data.

#2: PrintReleaf technology does the math.

Once the PrintReleaf technology has learned what your average paper consumption looks like, it does the math to determine how many trees were cut down to create all that paper. This represents part of your environmental footprint--an element that, luckily, can be replenished.

#3: Trees are planted.

You'll choose which reforestation projects you'd like to contribute to, and then Toshiba and PrintReleaf do the rest. Using that number calculated earlier, you'll end up having your deforestation footprint effectively erased--all because of a stress-free solution that works as you print.

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