Is Your Document Security at Risk?

document security

All companies need an information security plan, but that doesn’t mean that they do. If your files are not protected either in a locked filing cabinet or with online security measures, your data is at risk. Follow these four tips to increase your document security.

4 Common Security Risks

1. Exposed Paper Documents

When data is left out in the open, it is at risk of being compromised. Sometimes the threat is a misplaced glance but other times the paper can be removed, and the user is none the wiser thinking it didn’t print. To prevent paper left on the tray, require users to insert an authorization code to release print jobs.

2. Printer and Copier Hard Drives

Yes, printers and copiers have hard drives just like computers. This means that they too are open to hackers. Leaving your data accessible to hackers can result in downtime and loss of profits. Make sure that your data is encrypted and destroy any hard drives when replacing a device.

3. User Tracking

If you can’t tell who last viewed or edited a document, you need to update your settings. Leaving documents open to alterations by any employee is a big security threat. Tracking changes also hold everyone accountable.

4. Digital Storage

Many companies are noticing the benefits of storing their files on cloud software. Paper is more likely to be lost or misused, and they can keep track of online data more readily. With increased digital storage, online security must also improve. Sort through confidential information and lock them to unauthorized users.

Some security measures to protect your documents take minimal effort which is why they are often forgotten. It’s important to take the time to put protection policies in place. Start with these four tips and to learn more about document security, call us today!