Analyzing Downtime and Its Effects On Business


No one wants to consider the consequence of downtime on business, but not being prepared can be disastrous. To set yourself up for a quick recovery you should analyze your business and IT processes to see how they would be affected by a system malfunction.

Business Processes

Day to day business operations are at risk of falling victim to downtime if you are not prepared. First and foremost you’ll want to make sure that customer data is accessible and secure. Not only can downtime cause a loss of productivity in can lead to decline in profits if you lose loyal customers who don’t feel protected. Next, you should have a plan in place to keep in communication with your workforce should your standard information system be down. Another critical process to prepare for downtime is your sales processes. You should still be able to exchange information even if done manually so that customers can continue with their plans even in the wake of your systems being down.

IT Processes

When it comes to your IT processes, they may be intertwined with your business processes but can also operate individually. Before a downtime ever occurs, you should have a data recovery plan in place. Routinely back up your data to an off-site server that can be accessed from any location. Once you’ve set this up, think about the processes that would become in-actionable in the situation of system downtime. This will allow you to come up with a backup plan to continue business.

Document Security

Above all, preparing your business and IT processes for downtime will strengthen your document security as a whole. Data becomes vulnerable when you have limited access, and it’s important to know you’ve prepared for different situations.

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