Quick Document Security Tips

document security

When you think about document security, you probably think about long-winded, complex solutions that span multiple workflows, machines, and parts of your business. While these big-picture solutions are pretty important, there are also quicker, easier tips that can help you take small steps toward stronger document security. Ready to make a big impact with little changes? Let's get started!

Document Security Made Easy

Document security shouldn't be taken lightly, but it shouldn't be viewed as a huge, complicated mystery, either. Although perfect document security requires multiple steps, lots of research, and a bit of hard work, there are also some smaller changes you can make in order to see immediate results. The important thing is to remember that document security is a long-term goal and should never be called "good enough."

Here are a few quick document security tips to get you started!

#1: Don't leave papers in piles.

Piles of paper aren't just irritating--they're also a security risk. If your important files are sitting around on a desk or in a corner, anyone could walk away with them and do who-knows-what with that information. Instead, lock those papers away in a filing cabinet (or better yet, scan and organize them digitally).

#2: Always use the shredder.

Before you get rid of a document, ask yourself what someone could do with this information if it fell into the wrong hands. If there's even a chance that it could be used against you, it's better to shred it than to run the risk.

#3: Don't forget the backups.

Backing up your data should always be a top priority. Data backups can save your business in case of a physical or digital disaster--and it's a simple way to make a big difference.

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