Preventing Print Waste with Managed Print


Print waste can be a huge drain on your budget, your time, your energy, and even your employees' morale. However, with a little help from managed print, it's easier than ever to catch and control that waste--all without having to cut corners.

Simple Solutions

Many companies worry that controlling print waste will mean implementing policies that are complex, strict, or even expensive. Luckily, that doesn't have to be true. Managed print helps you control all kinds of print waste by merely identifying problem areas and encouraging solutions, changes, and better habits to address specific problems.

For example, rather than putting uncompromising limitations on printers without doing any research, managed print helps you understand exactly what your printing needs are and then enables you to meet them exactly--that way, you're not wasting anything. Still, you have a positive focus on boosting efficiency rather than a negative focus on eliminating waste. It's not just about what you do; it's also about how you think about things!

Here are a few simple ways to prevent print waste with managed print:

  • Take a look at the color.

You don't have to give up on color printing entirely, but you should know exactly how much it costs you so that you can decide how much is "worth it." Managed print helps you track, understand, and control costs like these.

  • Preview before you print.

Taking an extra minute to proof-read your document before printing can help eliminate the need to reprint. That's good news for your budget and for Mother Earth.

  • Upgrade.

Better tools and solutions and notably better printers make it easier than ever to control print waste. With help from managed print, you can even time upgrades, so they don't hurt your budget.

Are you looking for more ways to prevent print waste? Interested in managed print? Contact us today!