A New Fax Solution from Xerox

healthcare worker holding documents on clipboard

If you asked any healthcare provider’s employees if they’d like to get rid of faxing patient information and records, you’d receive an emphatic yes. If everyone in healthcare is ready to move on from sending and receiving faxes, why does it remain a routine practice in so many offices?

While Electronic Health Records (EHR) have taken over the majority of healthcare offices, there has been difficulty in securely sharing these patient records. Because of this, faxing prevails as the standard method in most offices.

This means that documents must be retrieved online, printed by an office administrator, and faxed to a new location. On the receiving side of things, once a document is received, it must immediately be scanned and archived into the storage network. Removing these processes would mean cutting costs on printed materials and saving time associated with sharing these forms and documents.

A New Way With Xerox

Xerox has developed an app call Kno2 with their healthcare MFP, which seeks to improve workflows by efficiently moving patient information to other providers in digital forms. The best part is, Kno2 solutions are compliant with healthcare privacy regulations.

This solution connects an office’s multifunction printer to a network of millions of healthcare providers around the world. It offers a practical way to shift from the traditional faxing processes.

The Xerox Healthcare MFP has a secure transmission process, has the lowest cost per page rate, and processes pages efficiently.

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