Manufacture Industry News: Office Equipment that Works Like a Smartphone

manufacturer industry news

Here at Edge Business Systems, we like to keep up with manufacture industry news, especially from manufacturers we work with. Today’s announcement comes from Xerox and is pretty groundbreaking.

Most of us would be lost without our mobile devices and are very familiar with the user interface. It’s no surprise then that manufacturers are leading the way with office equipment that works like smartphones. Engineers at Xerox have designed a multifunction printer that makes workflows more efficient and designed for individuals. Essentially the multifunction printer becomes an assistant that handles tasks in a streamlined manner.

New and Updated Technology

The ConnectKey technology is where this new design will exist. ConnectKey allows people to communicate and collaborate from anywhere. The ConnectKey will now have software that will enable users to translate a document, scan directly to a folder in the cloud, or complete a loan application.

“We’ve created a series of capabilities –­ you could call it a toolkit – to enable users to customize printers and MFPs in a way that’s similar to how individuals use smart mobile devices to meet their personal needs,” said Keith Watson, part of Xerox’s Experience Design Group. More so than creating a tablet on your printer, Keith says they are addressing productivity issues.

Xerox Expertise

Xerox used Ethnography, a way to study human behavior, to capture data about how people act in the workplace. With this information, they were able to determine where processes were slowing people down and how users might prefer to interact with their devices.

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