Is Managed Print Services Just About Printing?


When it comes to business solutions, you naturally want the most bang for your buck. And with a name like "managed print services," you may not think this particular option really fits the bill. However, the truth is that managed print has a whole lot to offer--and not just for your print environment.

Managed Print Services: Printing and Beyond

As the name suggests, managed print services does start at the printers. But, like any good business solution, it goes a lot further.

It all makes a bit more sense when you consider just how vital your printers are. They act as the foundation for so many of your day-to-day processes--so when those processes are experiencing challenges, it makes sense to go back to the source. That's why managed print services is so powerful: It addresses issues where they originate rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

Here's a look at how it works:

#1: Communication

Symptom: Communication breakdowns are frequent and frustrating.

Source: Since most information is printed, vital data is stuck on physical files and is slow to be shared.

Solution: Managed print services helps you know when to print and when to use digital communication tools instead, addressing breakdowns and keeping data accessible.

#2: Efficiency

Symptom: Workflows have too many extra steps.

Source: The print environment makes simple tasks into a drawn-out ordeal.

Solution: With managed print, your provider helps you optimize your fleet--for example, by replacing multiple single-function machines with multifunction devices so employees can finish tasks without having to walk across the office.

#3: Security

Symptom: Your company recently experienced a security breach.

Source: Unprotected network printers are an open door for hackers.

Solution: Managed print services helps identify weaknesses in your security coverage. It also recommends solutions that will address these vulnerabilities without introducing extra steps or inefficiency to your workflow.


Managed print services may start at the printers, but it does a whole lot more. From improved communication and efficiency to better overall security, this solution truly addresses issues at their core, providing answers to some of your biggest--and most frustrating--business challenges.

Want to see what managed print services can do for you? Contact us today to see for yourself!

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