Managed Print: Making it Easy to Order Supplies

managed print

Managed print can do a lot of great things for your business, but did you know that it can also simplify the process of ordering print supplies? Let's take a look at the simple solutions that managed print brings to the table!

Minimizing the Frustration

Why is it so frustrating to order print supplies? The fact of the matter is that "ordering supplies" itself isn't necessarily a difficult task--it's the details that make this an irritating undertaking. For example, you've got to order the perfect amount at the exact right time--and if you don't, you end up running out of supplies before more arrive or having to store an overabundance of supplies ordered too early.

Luckily, managed print makes these problems a thing of the past. To see how it works, let's compare two different hypothetical companies--one with managed print, and one without.

Company A - No Managed Print

Company A doesn't have managed print. As a result, when it comes time to order print supplies, their IT experts have to do a lot of guesswork. This is because Company A doesn't have the data it needs to reflect on their usage habits, understand their print environment, and plan accordingly. Sometimes, they end up with too much of one thing and not enough of another, causing interruptions and frustration left and right.

Company B - Managed Print

Company B does have managed print. Thanks to a complete analysis of their print environment, they now know exactly what their habits are and how many supplies to order at what time. They also know how to get the best prices on the right products for their unique needs, and they constantly find new ways to go green without wasting time, money, or print supplies.

You don't want to be like Company A. Instead, contact us today to learn more about managed print!