Managed Print: 3 Hidden Costs of Printing


Printing has big, obvious costs--like the printers themselves--but it also has smaller, hidden costs--like maintenance, consumables, and more. Here are three hidden costs of printing that could be sinking your ship--and how managed print can help!


Although managed print wears many hats in your company, from improving communication to boosting security, one of its most important jobs is to make things more transparent. This often means gathering data about your print habits, printer usage, security weaknesses, and more--but it also means helping you see where your money is going and why.

Here are three hidden costs of printing, revealed by managed print, and how you can take control back.

#1: The cost of downtime

When employees have to stop what they're doing to make a help desk call or do battle with an uncooperative printer, they're wasting their valuable time--and that translates to a lot of lost money. Managed print helps solve little problems before they become big ones, acting proactively to keep downtime at a minimum.

#2: The cost of unnecessary printing

Most of the time, employees print unnecessarily because they lack alternative solutions. All of that unnecessary printing causes the cost of consumables to skyrocket--not to mention the environmental impact. With managed print, it's easy to choose digital solutions that will give employees a better option than hitting "print."

#3: The cost of chaos

When your print environment isn't managed, the result is chaos. Unfortunately, this cost isn't just measured in money; it can also be measured in terms of stress, customer service failures, and even security weaknesses. The good news is that managed print can address all of these issues and more--and it's as simple as taking control of your print environment.

If these hidden costs are concerning, managed print might be exactly what you need. Contact us today to see for yourself!

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