Lexmark Reaches Security Milestone


Are you looking for a manufacturer and imaging solutions leader with unrivaled security? Look no further than Lexmark, which has recently become the first manufacturer to reach a significant security milestone: achieving the ISO 20243 standard. Here's everything you need to know!

The Standard

The ISO 20243 standard helps manufacturers, supply chains, and customers stay on the same page about security and quality. It lays out rules, recommendations, and regulations for authenticity in every supply chain element, ending with a customer's purchase.

The certification is a huge leap forward in the world of manufacturer security. With so many questions about counterfeit supplies and questionable practices, customers in every industry and countries worldwide want assurance that they're paying for reliable, genuine products and solutions--and the ISO 20243 standard helps guarantee that peace of mind.

The Company

Lexmark isn't just a manufacturer of powerful, innovative printers anymore. Now they're a security-certified manufacturer--the first of their kind. Here are a few ways Lexmark's security stands out from the crowd!

  • Supplier security

    There are a lot of moving parts in a supply chain. Lexmark reached the ISO 20243 standard by requiring that product sources be meticulously reported and recorded, enforcing legal compliance and high standards.

  • Regular audits

    By auditing suppliers and manufacturers regularly, Lexmark can guarantee that their products and solutions are precisely what they--and the customers--expect. No detail is overlooked.

  • Integrity

    It's challenging to measure integrity, and even more difficult to certify that a company has it. However, Lexmark operates with a Code of Conduct that applies to their entire supply chain and beyond, ensuring that every step of their process is secure, precise, and in line with their policies.

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