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Scanning documents

At EDGE, we're big believers in the power of scanners, and we're proud to carry the best manufacturers in scanning technology.

Today we want to talk about a certain scanner, the KIP 2300.

Speedy Results

This high production scan system offers fast processing, great quality, and versatility. It includes support for both black and white and color scanning and copying so that you can use it for nearly any job in the office. The advanced image capture and high-speed data capability make it a productive device that won't get in the way of your workday. Image speeds are 5 ips to 12 ips (monochrome) and 2 ips to 6 ips (color).

Amazing Quality

The KIP 2300 boasts optical resolutions at 600 dpi, plus it includes Real Time Thresholding and self-calibrating imaging cameras. What does that mean? Well, it means it brings you excellent imaging and optimal quality for whatever scanning you need. High quality and fast speeds make it easy to use every day, no matter the document type or need.

Even More Features

KIP Color Express gives you additional options to copy, scan and file to print, and more. It supports all file formats, allows you to credit, edit, and store filters, and scans to nearly anywhere. Enhancements are easy and provide you with professional results every time. This makes the KIP 2300 a smart choice for offices that rely on professional documents to share with clients, investors, and other stakeholders.

KIP's commitment to green practices and to providing the best in technology makes this a first-rate scanner worthy of any office. When quality, time, and versatility matter, the KIP 2300 is an excellent choice.

The KIP 2300 is just one of the many excellent scanners we carry at EDGE Business Systems. Want to learn more about our products or services? Interested in learning more about this featured scanner? Contact us today!