It's a Critical Time for Document Security

document security

If you've not yet made strides toward securing your sensitive documents, now is the time to take a look at Document Security.

There are many hidden threats throughout your office when it comes to documents, areas that are often overlooked. Some areas of concern include:

  • printers and copiers
  • employee access
  • hard drives

For example, did you know that your copiers and printers probably store images of everything that pass through them? Many hard drives in those devices keep copies automatically and many do not have an automatic method of destroying them. That means anyone with access to the hard drive can see sensitive info. And, when you're done with the device and go to recycle or donate it, those files are still available on the machine.

If you consider how many things pass through your office equipment, you might start to get an idea of the magnitude of this problem for many businesses. And, in some cases, businesses may be violating regulatory compliance by not securing files or employee data. This can spell big trouble for many businesses in a number of ways.

There are tremendous threats in the business world today, and they are not all from outside, malicious threats like hackers. In fact, many people are so focused on addressing potential outside security threats that they fail to take into account inside threats. This makes document security absolutely crucial -- now is the time to do a security check on your documents.

Document security isn't something you have to tackle alone. Let EDGE help! Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive approach to security for your office.