Is it Time for a Print Audit?

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Knowing what your business is going to spend on print materials over the next year is an important thing. A print audit is a great way to learn about the resources your business uses versus what you need. An audit will help direct your business ahead with the right equipment and supplies in mind. This will let your company be as productive and cost-effective as possible.

It’s Audit Time

Receiving a print audit might sound intimidating, but in reality, it is a simple, effective process that will boost your business’ productivity. An audit from EDGE Business Systems will give you the ability to analyze, assess, and monitor your print management system. Here are a few questions to help you know if it is time to get an audit.

Who Has the Purchasing Power?

It is essential that a business centralizes print purchasing. Many companies make the mistake of leaving the purchasing of print materials up to the individuals who need them. When purchasing power is given to multiple individuals, you run the risk of misusing finances and losing purchase accountability. When one person is responsible for ordering print materials, there is more accountability.

Are You Using Multiple Printer Providers?

As your business has grown, your fleet of office equipment has probably needed to as well. If you have bought machines from different providers, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with your various devices. To save costs and simplify managing your equipment, it is better to receive all your machines from the same provider.

Are You Overseeing Your Business’ Printing?

Are you aware of how much your business prints or who prints the most? If you don’t, there is a fault in your business’ current oversight of printing. Print management should be utilized to keep you updated on your company’s costs and usage. This will help you identify areas of waste and where improvements can be made to your business’ printing.

Get an Audit

A Print Audit from EDGE Business Systems can help you determine the costs and needs for your business’ printing. A print audit will go through all the questions we asked today and help you develop the best system for your company.

Contact us today to schedule a print audit and improve your business’ print system!