Industry News: Lexmark Document Capture for Government


At EDGE, we’re proud to partner with the best in technology manufacturers. One of those partners is Lexmark, who recently announced a new feature called Smart Document Capture for Government. This new option uses Lexmark multifunction printers to enable government agencies to move beyond paper processes.

Smart Document Capture offers capture technology that quickly and easily converts paper documents to digital formats and facilitates a more efficient means of maintaining records. Once the feature is utilized, agencies will have a better way to store, archive, find, and retrieve documents. This makes it easier to identify missing, incomplete, or duplicate documents and helps employees work remotely when necessary.

Using Smart Document Capture also helps with additional actions such as onboarding or processing constituent applications. Overall, this feature provides numerous opportunities to reduce redundancies, increase efficiencies, and automate processes.

One of the most impressive components of Lexmark technology is how seamless the process and transition can be. For government agencies, keeping costs controlled and ensuring efficiency are among the most crucial parts of running the agency. With technology like Lexmark, it’s easier than ever to address any document- or process-based issues across the country.

Lexmark has continually shown a commitment to finding solutions specific for the government sector. Smart Document Capture is just one of those solutions.

You can learn more about government solutions from Lexmark through EDGE. We have the products and the experience to help you leverage Lexmark solutions. Contact us today to learn more.