How to Create a Document Security Routine


The world may be moving toward digital workflows and paperless offices, but that doesn't mean physical files are obsolete. Today we'll help you create an efficient, effective routine for protecting those paper documents you're just not ready to part with.

Security in the Real World

Digital security and physical security are two very different things, but they share a lot of the same principles. Interestingly, the most important is also the simplest: to pay attention.

You'd be surprised how many security problems are a result of honest mistakes, accidental oversights, and things like paper files being completely forgotten. After all, in our fast-paced technological world, it's easy to focus so much on the digital that you start to overlook the physical.

That's why document security routines are more important than ever: with digital security taking off, data thieves are looking for other weaknesses to exploit. You want to make sure your physical files aren't a weakness for your company.

With that in mind, let's start building a document security routine!

Step 1: Start with a security audit.

A security audit is about to become your best friend. It can help identify flaws, oversights, and weak spots in your defenses, as well as highlight areas where you're doing a good job. That way, you have a sort of game plan moving forward.

Step 2: Get everyone involved.

Awareness is a huge part of physical document security. Make sure employees remember to take good care of paper files, and create clear and consistent privacy policies and regulations.

Step 3: Scan, shred, or store.

If part of your security routine involves transitioning toward a digital workplace, remember the three S's. Scanning is for documents you use regularly, shredding is for anything you don't need anymore (never throw it away--that's a huge security risk!), and storing is for files you aren't ready to scan but don't need to access every day.

Are you looking for more document security tips? Want to build a routine of your own? Contact us today for all the help you need!