How to Choose a Great Managed Print Provider


Managed print can be powerful, efficient, effective, and stress-free--but only with the right provider. Today, we'll help you dodge all those impostors and find a provider who cares about you and your business.

Team Effort

Managed print doesn't exist in a vacuum, and it certainly shouldn't ever be stagnant. In reality, managed print is a sort of "conversation" between you, your provider, and your print environment--something that grows and changes with you, adapting to changes big and small.

Unfortunately, not all providers see it that way. Some of them want to take your money and shut you up, while others have such limited resources and experience that they can't keep up with your business. Whether it's dishonesty, inadequacy, or just a plain old bad fit, you want to dodge all of those less-than-perfect providers--and here's how.

Just ask these questions!

#1: "Will you do a print analysis?"

This is the first question because it's the most important one. A print analysis (or print audit) is the necessary first step in any managed print plan, only because it helps you understand your needs and challenges. A provider who skips the print analysis is probably looking to cut corners and perhaps even rip you off.

#2: "Can I talk to some of your previous customers?"

If a provider gets dodgy about this question, you know you're in bad company. Good managed print providers will be happy to provide a long list of satisfied customers and glowing testimonials.

#3: "What are your priorities?"

Now, there's not necessarily a "wrong" answer here. What you want is to make sure that the provider's priorities match yours--so, for example, if you're worried about print security, you'll want to listen for details like encryption, user authentication, and more.

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