How Can Law Firms Improve Document Security?


Let's face it: one-size-fits-all security just won't cut it when it comes to the legal industry. There are so many unique challenges, goals, needs, and regulations to be considered that your average solution falls a little short--so here are a few document security tips, tailor-made for law firms.

Security Made Simple

Document security is a big deal for any industry, but it's especially important in law firms, where documents are the beating heart of the whole operation. Of course, those aren't just any documents; they include all kinds of sensitive and personal information that must be protected--both to meet regulations and to give clients their well-deserved peace of mind.

Luckily, document security can be a little bit simpler when it's broken down into two parts: the challenges that law firms face, and the stress-free solutions available to them.

The challenges

Legal documents obviously contain sensitive information of all types. They also come in multiple formats and tend to be stored both digitally and physically, depending on the specific case. On top of that, they need to be shared, updated, and backed up, all without falling into the wrong hands or being illegally copied and distributed.

Long story short, legal documents are a security headache.

The solutions

Luckily, law firms have a few options when it comes to document security. Here are some of the best solutions.

  • Encryption: Encryption acts as a sort of "safety net," protecting data in case it falls into the wrong hands during use or transmission.

  • User control: By controlling which users have access to which files, law firms can ensure that only the right people see sensitive information--and, further, they can keep track of user access to identify red flags.

  • Paperless solutions: Going green can help more than just the environment. Paperless solutions are an easy way for law firms to gain control over documents of all formats, improving organization, efficiency, and security at the same time.

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