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Greener Printing with Edge

There is always some buzzword in the business community that catches our attention and becomes the cause du jour or flavor of the month. When it comes to the latest “going green” trend, though, there appears to be some staying power. Issues of sustainability and environmental responsibility are taking on more and more relevance over time, not less.

Your Business’ Part in Sustainability

One of the biggest impacts business have on the environment lies in their printing practices and how they manage their documents. All the paper that is used on a daily basis plays a huge role in the demand for paper products. The energy to run printers and other devices also increases the carbon footprint of a business, and the ink cartridges are a volatile organic compound. 

Not only does a business’ printing have an impact on the environment, it has an impact on the bottom line. All the energy and supplies cost money that adds up and can take a bite out of your enterprise’s hard earned profits.

Greener Printing Solutions

For the sake of the environment and the bottom line, it is important to find ways to have greener printing at your company’s office. EDGE Business Systems is here to help you answer the environment’s call and, more tangibly, help keep your operations budget in the black. Our staff can help you and your team develop greener printing practices.

How EDGE Business Systems Can Help

EDGE Business Systems believes that you can have a huge environmental impact by making a few simple changes to your printing practices. One of the things we will help you look at is your policies on printer use. 

For example, leaving a printer on standby overnight can use as much power as printing 1,500 pages. Our staff will work with your business to help you understand how small changes like turning off the printers overnight can make a meaningful difference. 

EDGE Business Systems will also help you analyze your total fleet of printing devices. By cutting back and acquiring some of the latest and best printing technology, you can cut back on the total number of devices you use while also allowing you to print a better end product. This will save power as well as expensive office space. 

TRUview Assessment

Another way EDGE Business Systems is here to help is with the TRUview Assessment. A TRUview Assesment will allow you to look at the overall picture of your team’s document management procedures and practices from printing, use and storage. 

With this valuable insight, you will be empowered to take total control of your office’s data management and realize the best possible optimization of your time and resources.

If you’re ready to invest in greener printing, give EDGE Business Systems a call at 404-228-4951. We would be happy to partner with you and help your business become more sustainable and efficient. 

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