Document Technology Assessment

Document Technology Assessment

The Cornerstone of EDGE’s—and Your—Business

Paperwork can cost your business a lot of time and money. Major areas of concern include:

  • Hours spent retrieving documents
  • Wasted paper left at your devices
  • Sensitive information getting lost or falling into the wrong hands

EDGE Business Systems can help you measure, simplify and manage every aspect of your document processes. Our comprehensive Document Technology Assessment gives you accurate—and occasionally astonishing—information on:

  • Printing Volume & Waste
  • Cost Per Page
  • Document Security Risks

After we review your company’s printing environment, we’ll show you how to integrate all of your equipment, software and processes. You can improve how you handle documents from creation and storage to access and security.

Benefits of EDGE’s Document Technology Assessment

Get the Big Picture

EDGE’s technicians come to your office and conduct a survey of your printing environment. We tally up the devices in your workplace—including ones not connected to your network—and interview key members of your staff. By doing this, we can spot inefficiencies and excess costs.

Save Time & Money

You’ll reduce your wasted output. In turn, this will reduce your costs for consumables, paper and energy. By improving your printing efficiency, your office will also save on time and labor.

Total Control

Many times, organizations don’t think to study how they create, receive, print and archive documents. Our assessment gives you the power to manage your company’s entire document hierarchy.

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