EDGE Business Systems named Xerox Partner of the Year

EDGE is named partner of the year from Xerox!

Strong partnerships are what make businesses thrive and continue to grow year after year, and when partners go out of their way to recognize your excellent work, that’s the kind of good news that you want to share with the world. At EDGE Business Systems, we are delighted to announce that we are once again Xerox’s Partner of the Year for Document Management Solutions. This prestigious award goes to only one organization per year and is awarded based on business ethics, a proactive approach to partnerships and the value of customer relationships.

Ethical Business Relationships

We believe in maintaining the highest level of ethics in all of our business relationships with our global partners such as Xerox, with our employees and with our customers. This focus on solid business principles allows us to maintain long-term, positive relations within the industry and throughout the country. The honesty and fairness that we bring to every transaction form the basis of a highly positive work environment, a building block for excellent customer and vendor relationships. We believe that talented individuals want to work for an organization that is focused on being fair and open in all of our business dealings, and we want to bring the most talented resources to bear on each project for our customers.

Proactive Partnerships

When we work with Xerox, as when we work with our other vendor partners, we are always looking for win-win solutions. That doesn’t mean always pushing one particular vendor over another. It means taking the time to find the right solution for each particular situation and then being able to justify it to the customer and work closely with the vendor to make it happen. EDGE Business Systems was proud to be able to consistently partner with Xerox throughout 2015 in a mutually beneficial way to provide customers with solutions that worked.

Value of Customer Relationships

Working with a business to define their document management best practices can form a tight bond between the two organizations, and we see the value of working hard to maintain that commitment and level of trust. We work closely with a wide variety of different customers to ensure that the document management solution that we recommend fits their people, processes and technology and that it will successfully handle their needs both now and in the future. Maintaining the relationship means being there even when challenges arise, and we actively look for ways to support customers even when they do not have a current upgrade in progress.

The leadership team of EDGE Business Systems is honored and delighted to announce this award, as it gives us an opportunity to celebrate not only our stellar team of employees but also each customer who believed in us enough to trust us with their document management solutions. Thank you to Xerox for another year of great partnership, and here’s to many more! Contact us today to learn how we can support streamlined document management for your business.