Eco Initiatives Made Easy with Managed Print

go green

If you’re looking for ways to go greener in your business, you’re definitely not alone. More and more organizations are prioritizing eco-initiatives and for good reason. Going green is both good for the environment and for your budget. Greener practices help reduce costs in numerous ways. And, it’s easier now than ever to implement those practices.

Save, Don’t Spend

For a while, many had the misguided belief that eco-friendliness was costly. While some practices might cost you up front (say, buying new appliances with better efficiency), most green initiatives actually save you considerably over time.

Managed Print as Eco Initiative

Adding a Managed Print Service is a great way to address the wasteful practices related to your print environment. Managed Print works to save you time and money and to reduce the overall costs of your print fleet.

Here are a few of the ways Managed Print saves and creates a kinder footprint.

  • Optimize: When your fleet is optimized, you have a more productive, more efficient print environment. This might mean consolidating printers or swapping your inefficient printers with your better-running devices.
  • Policy: Implementing a print policy during your onboarding with managed print helps you get a fresh start and provide smarter guidelines for your entire staff.
  • Reduce: With managed print, your entire office can see their print habits and make a conscious effort to reduce their output. Reducing paper consumption and print habits makes a big difference in your environmental impact and your bottom line.
  • Habits: Additional habits and practices follow along with this service, such as recycling cartridges and consolidating orders.

There are many ways – easy and affordable ways – to have a greener office. Managed Print is an excellent way to address productivity and costs while also creating a more eco-conscious organization. Find out more about this great service and the green benefits of managed services by contacting EDGE today.