Does Your Hybrid Workforce Need Managed Print Services?

Someone working from home, while sitting on floor with papers spread out around them.

If you're supporting a hybrid workforce or have just created one, you've likely got a lot on your plate. There are all kinds of questions to answer and solutions to choose from--so should printing really be your biggest priority? The answer might surprise you.

Printing in a Hybrid Workforce

Here's the thing about printing: It's not going anywhere. This simple, longstanding element of the business world represents a key part of communication, organization, marketing, and more--which means the switch to a hybrid workforce hasn't eliminated the need to print (and may have increased it).

However, that doesn't mean you have to look at printing in the same way you always have. Think of it this way: Printing is something you've always done--a familiar fallback. That makes it a great starting point for new ideas and solutions to support your hybrid workforce. Consider it "ground zero" for all kinds of exciting changes.

Naturally, that's where managed print services comes in.

Managed Print for a Hybrid Workforce

If printing is ground zero for hybrid workforce solutions, managed print services is the framework upon which those solutions can be built. Here are three ways it helps support your hybrid workforce:

Improving security

It can be difficult to juggle security needs when you have so many at-home IT environments in the mix. Managed print services helps simplify those security needs by putting your focus on things you can control--like how remote users connect to your network printers, whether employees can use secure mobile devices for printing, and more.

Enabling collaboration

A hybrid workforce comes with plenty of collaboration challenges. With managed print, however, it's easy to create shared digital workspaces--not only to utilize print capabilities but to share information, improve ideas, and complete important projects.

Eliminating confusion

When employees go back and forth between home and office work, confusion can ensue. Luckily, managed print services is here to help. By creating and implementing solutions that remain consistent no matter where they're utilized, managed print eliminates confusion and keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to printing, document utilization, and more.

In conclusion, printing will likely be an important part of the business world for years to come--even as the shift toward hybrid workforces becomes the "new normal." To use printing as ground zero for solutions that will benefit your entire company, you'll need managed print services to help guide the way.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about managed print!

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