Do More with Scan to Cloud Applications

Girl weighing out her options

When you are moving to more paperless practices, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out the process, know where to save your documents, and learn how to digitize. There's a lot that goes into deciding the best way to make this transition, but you can start seeing the benefits of cloud storage right now.

Use Your Scanner

Your scanner is probably already ready to scan to the cloud. If not, you might consider investing in a new scanner in order to take full advantage of the perks of using less paper. And, if that's the route you're considering, consider quality -- higher quality will produce better scans. Do your homework before committing to a scanner. Multifunction systems are a smart choice, too, as you can scan, print, fax, copy, and more from one device.

Scan to the Cloud

Scanning directly to the cloud is easy. If you use Dropbox, for example, you can scan directly to it from the application. Other cloud storage spaces are easy to use, too. Most offer options to scan directly to files. You can even add a Document Management service for advanced document handling and easy scanning, storage, and retrieval.


Once you see what happens when you start using scan to cloud applications, you'll find that digital documentation opens up a world of new possibilities. Filing digitally is easy and intuitive, and accessing the document you need when you need it saves time and headaches.

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