Can Managed Print Services Improve Network Security?

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Protecting your network can sometimes feel like beating your head against the wall. If your skull is getting tired, worry no more--there's one solution you may not have considered. Here's why managed print services might just be the secret weapon your network security needs!

Why Managed Print?

Protecting your network seems like a task that belongs to IT. After all, it relies on data, connections, and the links between devices--so why start at the printer?

The truth is that managed print services protects your network by protecting one of its biggest vulnerabilities. That's right: those hardworking network printers can be a huge risk for overall security. Unprotected network printers can be responsible for:

  • security breaches, when hackers use them as a portal to the rest of your network;
  • data theft, if hackers are able to access the documents you've printed;
  • scams, including "ransomware" that holds your sensitive data for ransom;
  • and more.

The bottom line? Managed print services is your "secret weapon" in the fight for network security, and it's one thing you don't want to go without.

How Managed Print Protects You

Let's take a closer look at what managed print services really does to keep your network safe and sound.

#1: Print audits identify weaknesses.

A print audit helps you and your provider understand what goes on inside your company--including security vulnerabilities. This enables you to catch areas where your network security could be improved.

#2: Printers are secured.

Managed print services helps you implement strong, efficient security solutions to protect printers without interrupting workflows--for example, user authentication and printer password protection.

#3: Print habits are improved.

A few bad habits can lead to a lot of network security trouble. Managed print helps identify bad habits--like leaving documents on the printer tray--and improve them, minimizing the risk of human error and strengthening your network security procedures.

At the end of the day, managed print services may not be your first thought for network security, but it is one of your best options. If it's security, efficiency, and a healthier print environment you're after, this secret weapon will be at home in your arsenal.

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