Big Ways to Print Smarter


Are you looking to save money, boost efficiency, and cut out extra steps in your print environment? Or perhaps, you're hoping to go green without wasting the "green"? Here are a few significant ways to start printing smarter today!

Your Secret Weapon

Want to know the single best way to take control of your print environment and create benefits you'll enjoy throughout your company? It's simple: managed print. This powerful, effective solution adapts to your unique industry, business, and workplace, helping optimize the print experience from beginning to end so that you never waste a minute or a dollar. Managed print helps put your printers to work in all the right ways, utilizing the most efficient combination of settings and software to get the job done right every time.

Quick Tips

Here are a few managed print tips for saving paper, money, and the environment at the same time!

  • #1: Be mindful when hitting "print."

It's not necessary to give up on printing completely- don't do it all the time! Encourage employees to think about other tools and solutions before reaching for the "print" button, and always check for small errors beforehand to avoid frustrating reprints.

  • #2: Create and store digital notes.

Taking notes on a laptop or smartphone is an easy way to avoid unnecessary printing later on. Just save the notes digitally and then send them out as an email--that way, everyone's on the same page without having to waste a page.

  • #3: Recycle.

Recycling paper and ink or toner cartridges is a great way to limit the environmental impact of your printing habits. It's not a solution, but it does make a big difference.

  • #4: Get a print audit.

The first step in any managed print process is the print audit, which is essentially a detailed review of everything going on in your print environment. If you have any bad habits, workflow weaknesses, or extra steps, this audit will let you know.

Smarter printing is just one benefit of managed print. To see what else it has in store, contact us today!