5 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Scanner

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If you’ve decided not to purchase new office equipment, leasing is a flexible option. When it comes to signing a lease agreement you’ll want to know specifics and these questions will help narrow down the details.

1. Is Ownership of the Scanner at the End of the Lease Term Important?

The answer to this question will determine your monthly price. If you want to own the scanner at the end of the lease a “$1 out” lease is the best fit. Otherwise, a fair market value lease will make sense.

2. How Long is the Lease Term?

Look for a lease term that fits your budget. The length of the lease will determine your monthly payment. Ask for the useful life of the equipment so that you can avoid paying for it longer than the scanning benefits it provides your company.

3. Are There Any Fees or Additional Charges?

A copier dealer is probably not trying to be sneaky by tacking on additional charges, but it is essential to know exactly what’s on your invoice. Watch out for documentation and filing fees so that you're ready for more significant number than expected.

4. Can I Add Equipment to the Lease?

As you are scanning documents, you may find that you need a copier. Ask in advance if adding equipment to lease is possible so that you can be flexible with your contract.

5. Will I Have a Dedicated Account Manager?

A dedicated account manager is beneficial because you create a relationship with them. When you call, you won’t have to explain your situation because they already know.

Asking questions before you sign a lease agreement ensures that you are aware of precisely what you’re getting. If you want to learn more about scanners, lease agreements, or other office equipment, call us today!