New Year’s Goals: Go Paperless This Year

Scanning documents

As you plan out the year ahead for your business, it’s a great time to consider your office’s relationship to paper. Specifically, your consumption of it and how it’s impacting the environment and your bottom line.

While going paperless seems out of reach for many industries and businesses, it’s actually not as daunting as you think. And, going paperless doesn’t have to mean completely changing your document handling or fully eliminating paper products. Instead, going paperless can mean reducing paper consumption, finding new ways to utilize digital formats, and making a conscientious decision to be a bit kinder to the environment. One way to make all of this a bit easier is by scanning.

Why Scan?

When you really think about it, so much of your time, energy, and physical space is devoted to paper documents. You probably have different processes for particular events involving paper – perhaps several new hire documents that have to be filled out and stored – and if you’re like many businesses, you have bulky cabinets or storage areas where you keep files. If you use paper frequently, you can trace the full lifespan and procedure tied to each document – and it’s often a lot of time.

Scanning, on the other hand, reduces the time and space required for any given document. Let’s say you have a collaborative project that requires the attention and expertise of several employees. A scanned file with editable PDFs saved to the cloud makes short work of the sharing and collaborating required. Plus, any documents you need to save can be scanned and stored digitally, freeing up real estate in your office or storage space.

Get Started Today

Scanning does a lot for today’s business. In addition to saving time and physical space, it also enhances security and opens up new possibilities for doing business remotely or internationally. No matter how daunting the process might seem, it’s simple to get started when you partner with EDGE Business Systems.

Find out more about scanning services and other programs that improve productivity, security, and collaboration. Contact us and get the new year started right!