4 Ways to Maximize Managed Print Benefits

managed print

Print environments can be costly and a hassle to deal with. That’s why many companies are turning to managed print services to minimize the expense of printing. You can reduce visible expenses as well as hidden costs with the help of managed print. Maximize your benefits with these four tips.

1. Be Selective

Managed print services can provide help in more departments than just dealing with your printing fleet. While it’s tempting to dive in and take advantage of all the aspects of managed print, it’s better to start small. Begin with an assessment of your print environment and review the recommendations your service provider comes up with. As your relationship grows, you can decide if you feel confident handing over more service needs.

2. Assessment First

As stated above, assessing your printing fleet is the priority. Ask questions about your managed print service providers strategies. Will print usage be analyzed across your entire business? The scalability can be adjusted depending on your end goals. A complete assessment will provide steps for how to cut costs and increase productivity.

3. Engage Your Employees

After the analysis of printing behaviors, there will be new policies to put in place. Transition to these new practices should be done gradually and with an explained reason behind each step. Involving your employees in the process will produce more positive results than forcing them into foreign territory. The point of managed print is to cut costs, and you can’t do that without everyone participating.

4. Brainstorm Digital Processes

Instead of just thinking of managed print as a way to reduce paper use, think of it as becoming a more digitized company. There are many processes done on paper that you can do digitally. Signing contracts, training PDFs, and invoices are all great examples of things that can be done online without printing.

These four tips should get you started on maximizing the benefits of managed print. To learn even more, call us today!